London so majestic in resilience and strength
New York touches the sky, in it’s world that never sleeps
Paris immerses us in culture
Neither city weeps

If the streets could relay whispers
With secrets so unseen
A melody of love would glisten
Like a rainbow so serene

Our streets are not the biggest
The skyline lies quite low
We welcome all with loving smile
And say “Go with the flow.”

Darkness turns to eternal sunlight
A warmth that penetrates the soul
The kaleidoscope of apartments
Akin to an artist out of control

Rituals that seem so endless
A city stuck in time
If welcoming love is our passion
Then we a guilty of no crime

One incident won’t change us
We will dance into the sun
A heart cannot be broken
When the love rebounds as one

Sweden we have our three crowns
Yet we have no rule
For the land is ever equal
There is no leading jewel

A new day dawns tomorrow
The sun will rise again
Stockholm’s love is eternal
There is no room for pain

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