“I’m too busy”

How many times have you used those words when speaking to friends or family? I know that I am certainly guilty on many occasions. But what is it exactly that we are doing that is so imporatant?

I realised today that in the past month since I moved to Sweden I have had just one phone conversation with my family. But I guess that the realities of life have always meant that I’ve been “Too busy” to speak on a more regular basis.
Life tends to allow us the thought that the days, the months and the years will last forever but as we get older we lose more and more people in our lives which makes all of those days we spend with friends and family more precious.

This year alone I’ve lost two people who were very close in my life and I always tend to think about what times we never did get around to sharing and how life could have been better with them still around. So why do I never feel that guilty when I say the words “I’m too busy”, it’s because I simply take the people that are left for granted.

But reality sometimes kicks in and of course we get to know that this is not the case. The opportunities to speak to the ones we love has never been so strong, phone, sms, email, Skype, twitter, Facebook, video calling the list is endless. So we really have no excuse.

I think what takes over is just the pattern that our lives lead, the way that our daily routine tends to take over. How many of us often feel tired at the end of each day and say “I’ll speak to them tomorrow”? I know I do.
But no more.

Life is moving fast, the birthdays, the Christmas holidays will not be here forever and I don’t know how many more opportunities I am going to have to enjoy these times that one day I will only look back on with happy memories and fondness.

Too busy? No not me.

Not you either.

Do yourself a favour and take the time to call a loved one tonight and put the laptop down, log out of Twitter and Facebook and have a conversation. It is worth its weight in gold.

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