Dare to break free?

Holding on to yesterday

Clinging to what was

Empowered by fear of failure

A case of just because


Fear of change is overwhelming

A tidal wave of change

Remorse wrote upon the beach

An appearance feels so strange


Empowered by security

Escape seems to be the test

Ripping out of who you are

Reality the rest


Fleeting signs of happiness

Form shapes within a cloud

Engulfed in the moonlight

Enveloped in its shroud


Veins rise fuelled by fire

The strain against the shackles

Eyes locked onto the holder

A chorus of dark cackles


Fight for your survival

Or surrender to the past

Flight for tomorrows freedom

Or accept what has passed


A decision taken quickly

Or planned with time in mind

You have the choice regardless

You’re truly one of a kind

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