Rainbow after the storm

Rainbow after the storm

Storm clouds darken the horizon
Rain it falls like tears
A sky of charcoaled canvas
Painted through the years

Blackened fog surrounds me
Hands grasp around my neck
Lightning blazed around
Life is such a wreck

Sun it casts a shadow
Secluded from within
Sillouted saviour
That I feel within

Piercing light splits the darkness
Rays break through the black
Smash against the ground below
I hear the sudden whack

Rebounding to the darkness
Sky now like no other
Natures purest beauty
No longer undercover

Essence so serene
Spectrum of pure light
Arching over life
Protector to the night

Kaledospcioc presence
Rainbow in the storm
Aura of real beauty
Light so pure and warm

Wrap your colours around me
Engulf me in your love
Black cannot pierce the soul
That shines from up above

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