The Light That Cannot Die

The Light That Cannot Die

A glance into the mirror
An empty glare returned
Eyes remain as childhood
The soul it has been burned

We’ve been around the corner
Returned with a ticket to nowhere
Frowns replaced the smiles
No-one seemed to care

Places we have been to
Things that we have shared
Times purposely forgot
But you always cared

The forgotten face of fortune
Looking back at me
Taunting wrinkles followed
Of forgotten memory

The fire once ignited
Mere embers they remain
Glistening taunts of laughter
Splinters in the rain

The darkness engulfs me
A pit of nothingness
The blast of what used to be
Flare of purest stress

The sky engulfed in rainbows
Kaleidoscopic cloud
Remembering sadness and frustration
Now you sing out loud

Every angel they will hear you
The song you used to sing
Memories that person cherish
Every joy that you still bring

A silhouetted starlight
Blazed across the sky
Illuminating Beauty
A tear is in my eye

Illuminating fire
The light that cannot die
My eternal light
No longer can I cry

You woke me from the darkness
Held my hand so tight
For this day forward
I live my life with our fight

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  1. Annette Knox

    Love in parallel lives

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