The Solitary Fool

The dance ended early
As you fell from broken arms
No midnight pumpkin waiting
From this jokers charms

When something feels too perfect
I always push away
Forgive me for the pain I caused
My emotions never stay

You feel alone with feelings
Memories of that first kiss
A heart now full of shattered dreams
It’s an eternal miss

I’ll never seek forgiveness
I abandon everything I see
If there is one only constant
I drown in self misery

You saw this as forever
I should have cut the cord
What I see on this horizon
I should have fallen on my sword

I hope you find that true love
The one that fits your heart
You think I played you for a fool
But this joker fell apart

One day you will read this
And see that I always run away
One day you will be in love
When I am alone and grey

Heartbreak lasts a moment
But isolation is forever
Your leaves will find another tree
I’m that solitary feather

So wipe your tears and dry them
As you have another chance
I am just the joker
In solitary dance

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