Ice winds penetrate the lines of life
That decorate my face
Another scar from this war
Touched by gentle trace

A plethora of battles
Form the victory of war
It all seemed so impossible
Just several years before

Few still walk beside me
Trust and love was shattered
What remains are prints of love
Of this who truly mattered

Eyes stare back from pictures
Encapsulated in a frame
Locked eternally in a memory
I wish I could reclaim

Time it passes quickly
Testing until the end
Resilience is getting tougher
That I cannot pretend

This is the life I’ve chosen
The door closes at this time
Moving silently into the night
A shadow in it’s prime

Lock away the memories
Forget those who don’t exist
Embrace those who truly matter
Empty hated fist

Look back and remember
Everything you’ve seen
For that is the fuel that powers you
It’s everything you’ve been

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