Who I Am

Welcome to my website! My name is Dean. I am an author, poet and screenwriter. I live in Sweden but am originally from the UK. I came up with the name of “Deanthebard” as I wanted one name that would be an internet/social media presence without having numerous nicknames. So no matter where I am, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Ipadio, Itunes, or wherever that is the name you will find me at.

This page is just a gateway into my online life. You will find links to my blogs, media and videos. You may also find a few hidden gems along the way!

I began writing at a very early age. When I was a child, I would often take a book that I was reading, and carry on after the story had ended. For some reason, I never could accept the end of the story and my imagination would run wild with the characters.

When I was about thirteen, I found that I had a talent for poetry. It all came about when I was in school. I would sit down and instantly come up with rhymes about teachers or incidents and found that a lot of my school friends like this.

In my twenties, I wrote poems on a constant basis. Nearly 8,000 in total during that decade. I never thought about getting them published, as for me, it was more like a personal journal. Also throughout this time I started to write a fiction book.

It wasn’t until after I moved to Sweden that I decided to make my writing available to the public.

September 2012 saw my first poetry book “Under a Moonlit Sky” published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. September 2013, my new poetry book will be released

Spring 2014 – My debut film script Gate 64 will be published Summer 2014 – My first fiction book will be published

You can read some of my work on the links above. Many thanks for all the support!